5. The Coming Of The Elves And The Making Of Kôr

At Lake Cuiviénen (painting by Ted Nasmith)

As Meril finishes her tale, Eriol expresses his sadness at the unchaining of Melko, and wonders how came the Gods to do this thing.

Meril continues that, as the third period of Melko's prisonment beneath the halls of Mandos comes nearly to its end, Manwe sits upon the top of the mountain and suddenly anounces that there is "a gleam of gold beneath the pine-trees, and the deepest gloaming of the world is full of a patter of feet. The Eldar have come, O Taniquetil!" At this news Varda arises and sings the Song of the Valar, filling the sky with the loveliness of her voice. She then descends to Valmar and and anounces the news to Aule, who is busy making vessels of silver for Lorien. Upon hearing the news, Aule throws his hammer on the floor, saying: "Then Iluvatar hath sent them at last," and as the hammer strikes some ingots of silver upon the floor, its magic wakes the silver sparks to life, causing them to flash from his windows and out into the heavens. Seeing this, Varda takes some of Aule's silver and gold, and faring with speed to the skies sets an abundance of stars about it, so that the skies grows marvellously fair and their glory is doubled.

"But now even as Varda is engaged in this great work, behold, Orome pricks over the plain, and drawing rein he shouts aloud so that all the ears in Valmar may hear him: "Tulielto! Tulieito! They have come — they have come!" Then he stands midway between the Two Trees and winds his horn, and the gates of Valmar are opened, and the Vali troop into the plain, for they guess that tidings of wonder have come into the world." - J.R.R Tolkien, The Book Of Lost Tales

The full description for this and the rest of the tales is hopefully to come soon.